10 Foods to Eat to Help Rid Belly Fat

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Wed, 08 Feb 2017 20:18:08 GMT

That spare tire around your middle isn’t just unsightly, it is also dangerous to your health. Carrying extra weight around … “Visceral adipose tissue predisposes people to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease,” 

Carrying extra weight around your midriff is a sign that you’re harboring an excess of hidden belly fat called visceral adipose tissue (VAT), which can spark a variety of health woes.

“Visceral adipose tissue predisposes people to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease,” notes registered dietician and functional nutritionist Paula Mendelsohn.

She adds that it takes a “concerted effort” to lose VAT, including regular exercise, good sleep habits, stress management and diet. Eating less processed foods and simple carbohydrates — and more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables — is a good start.

She adds that it takes a “concerted effort” to lose VAT, including regular exercise, good sleep habits, stress management and diet. Eating less processed foods and simple carbohydrates — and more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables — is a good start.

Some foods also contain visceral fat-busting compounds. Here are 10 that Mendelsohn and other experts say you may want to add to your diet:

Coconut oil: This oil got a bad reputation because it’s high in saturated fat. But  Mendelsohn explains: “Because it’s a medium-chain saturated fat, as opposed to long-chain, it’s very easy for the body to process. Coconut oil is the only fat known to cause weight loss and reduce waist circumference.”

Grapefruit: A 2011 study found that participants who ate half a grapefruit before their three daily meals lost more dangerous visceral fat than those who did not. Researchers believe that the potent flavonoid naringenin is a key factor. “Naringenin helps cells metabolize whatever they are processing,” .

Hot peppers: Cayenne and other chili peppers contain capsaicin, which cranks up the body’s heat production, a process called thermogenesis. One study showed that it increased metabolism by about 25 percent, which translates into burning more carbohydrates and fats. Other studies show that capsaicin also reduces appetite, so you’re likely to eat less when adding hot peppers to your meal.

Green tea: This superfood contains a flavonoid called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which also ramps up metabolism. “That compound not only supports weight loss by enhanced metabolism, but it’s heart protective, brain protective and anti-cancer,” notes Mendelsohn.

Oatmeal: Studies show that beta glucan, a fiber found in oatmeal, helps fight metabolic syndrome, in part by feeding the “good” bacteria, or probiotics, in your gut. Researchers say that some probiotics appear to inhibit the absorption of fat, so it goes into the toilet rather than sticking around your innards. Rolled or steel-cut oats are best.

Avocado: Guacamole anyone? Avocado is great for your gut. Its monounsaturated fats help to prevent fat storage and curb appetite. It’s also high in oleic acid, which studies have shown improve blood sugar levels. Researchers at Penn State University found that oleic acid reduces belly fat.

White beans: “There’s a starch in white beans that helps slow down how the body processes starches and sugars,” says Mendelsohn. “It basically creates resistant starch.” Resistant starch feeds probiotics, and in one study, researchers found that replacing a mere 5 percent of a person’s daily carbohydrate intake with a resistant starch increased post-meal fat burn by 30 percent.

Milk: Not just any milk will do. You need to get it from pasture-raised cows that eat grass. Their milk is high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which “has been documented to reduce visceral adipose tissue,” says Mendelsohn. “You can also get it in supplement form.”

Dark leafy greens: Greens like kale, arugula and watercress not only fill you up without filling you out, they also contain sulforaphane. In a lab, this compound broke down fat cells, which researchers equate to fat-burning in people. Mendelsohn notes that greens are also rich in magnesium, and a deficiency in that essential mineral, which is common in the U.S., can lead to metabolic syndrome.

Yogurt: There are two families of probiotics that are known to cause weight loss, and you can find both in yogurt. Mendelsohn suggests getting yogurt that is organic, unflavored and contains live cultures. “Something like plain, low-fat Greek yogurt would be good,” she says. For a fat-burning breakfast, she recommends cooking rolled or steel-cut oats in water with chopped walnuts or flaxseed, adding organic coconut oil, Greek yogurt, a handful of berries, and snow the whole thing with cinnamon.

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Peanut Butter and Diabetes?


Hello, I’m Ty Mason from TheDiabetesCouncil.com, researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I’m going to answer the question, is peanut butter good for diabetes. So who invented peanut butter? I bet you were going to say George Washington Carver right? Well, he did “invent” something similar to what we call peanut butter today. Marcellus Gilmore Edson was awarded U.S. Patent 306,727( for the production of peanut butter) in 1804.   Carver was merely 20 at the time. But possibly a little bit closer to which is something we use today was developed by Dr John Harvey Kellogg( yes, the cereal person) in 1895,  Then a St. Louis Doctor made a spread for this patients who needed protein but had difficulty chewing. This spread was first introduced at the St Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Regardless of who invented it, I really like peanut butter.

I personally am a Jif guy with all respect to the Skippy and other label devotees. Nutritionally peanut butter is a powerhouse. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain approximately 12 grams of healthy poly- and monounsaturated fattens, and nearly 8 grams of protein. Peanut butter also contains no cholesterol. The carbohydrate contents of peanut butter is minimal, with less than 7 grams per serving.

The glycemic index of peanut butter is a extremely low-grade 14 which delivers the glycemic load to perfectly ZERO. Peanut butter will not elevate your blood sugar and it also helps regulate your blood sugar with all the amino battery-acids and proteins. When eaten with high-GI meat, peanut butter also helps lowering the spike of blood sugar after snacking. Carol S. Johnson, Ph.D ., guided a study at Arizona State University where researchers likened the blood-sugar levels of two snacks. One snack consisted of a buttered bagel and juice. The second snack substituted the butter with peanut butter which resulted in a minimal rise and fall of blood sugar, while the buttered bagel caused the level considerably more. So YES, peanut butter is very good for diabetes. Feed up! Merely be careful with the jelly!

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The Perfect Treatment for Diabetes and Weight Loss



Is type 2 diabetes incurable? Must it get worse with age? Or as a society are We treating it wrong? Or do we treat it at all?  My name is Andreas Eenfeldt from Diet Doc. Welcome Dr. Jason Fung. I have just listened to your lecture. It was fantastic. It was about how we treat diabetics in health care today. It is not a disease that must necessarily  get worse with age. We have always said that it is a chronic condition that worsens with age.This is the view of the diabetes associations, both in the US and in Australia. Everyone says it is a chronic disease.

But it is not true. It is indeed easy to see. If someone said, “I was told I had diabetes,” – – “but I lost weight and lowered my carbs.” “Now I take no medication and am doing well.” It is true after all! No one believes that they are lying. A patient who loses weight, put on a diet  -is of course healthier. How can they be healthier if the disease is chronic and only going to get worse? Everyone knows that the drugs do not help against the disease itself. Type 2 diabetes depends on too high insulin resistance.

It is all agreed. High resistance to insulin makes blood sugar levels rise. But the disease is the high insulin resistance. But all treatment focuses still on blood sugar. It is not logical.   Treatment of symptoms does not help against the disease,as we have done with diabetes. We treat blood sugar. But the disease depends on insulin resistance. Since we do not treat the disease  only the symptoms nothing improves. It takes more and more medication to keep blood sugar at the same level. The diabetes is worse even if blood sugar is better. The diabetes is worse than ever.

Insulin Resistance’s not treated. Those who lose weight, exercise  have affected insulin resistance, and therefore a lower blood sugar.

We have dealt with in the short term and reduced sugar. What happens then with the disease?

The funny thing is that patients know this. I talk with many patients. They tell me that when they got insulin they immediately gained weight. It’s no secret. You gain weight taking insulin. They take insulin and gain weight. Then they come back to the doctor. “I needed to lose weight, but get medicine that cause weight gain!?” And the doctor responds: “You need insulin

– Therefore, you must treat it. – What do you do if you have type 2 diabetes? It is a diet-related disease. Type 2 diabetes involves too much sugar. Once you have realized it, the solution is to do away with the sugar. Then remove all sugar and simple carbs, which also is the sugar -As bread and pasta. Carbohydrates are the only chains of sugar. When we eat, it breaks down into sugar. You have to stop eating sugar.

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Top 10 DIabetic Foods


Top 10 Foods for Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent …

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The Negative Calorie Diet: Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 10 Days with 10 All You Can Eat Foods

MARK’s Note:  I saw this at my local library and paged through it and was intrigued by some of the recipes I saw.  Here are the specific recipes I prepared and enjoyed:

P.142, Swiss Chard Turkey Salad with Golden Raisens and Capers. ( I used dried cranberries)

P.156 Baked Chicken with Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

P.162 Chicken with Mustard Greens, Quinoa and Oranges

P.174, Meatballs with mushroom and spinich gravy

p.130 Mixed Leafy Green Soup with chickpeas

p.126 Shrimp and Cucumber salad with Red Onions and Poblanos

I recommend you have a good food processer as it will make prep easier.

These recipes are low calorie with healthy food ingredients which will satisfy you and will help you lose weight.  I look forward to trying more of these recipes.



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Complete with grocery shopping lists, troubleshooting FAQs, a guide to dining out, and advice for adapting the plan for kids and families as well as vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-sugar lifestyles, The Negative Calorie Diet helps you build healthy habits to lose weight and achieve better health for a lifetime.

Is Sugar the New Tobacco?

“Sugar spoils no meal,” averred a 16th-century German . However it definitely spoils and savages an individuals’s health, states Gary Taubes, an American science author.   He has actually focused greatly on the ills of sugar in the past 10 years  and is the co-founder of an effort to fund research and study the underlying reasons for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

In “The Case Against Sugar” he argues that dietary fat was fingered for years as the criminal of weight problems, diabetes and heart problems. The genuine perpetrator  was sugar not fat.

Sugar, peer-reviewed research studies now reveal, activates insulin resistance, lowers good cholesterol and raise harmful bad cholesterol.

Preferably, Taubes states, we need to remove sugar from our diet plans– or a minimum of deal with the choice to chew on sugary foods with the exact same gravity as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. (By sugar, he’s generally concentrated on the fine-tuned crystals and high-fructose corn syrups that sweeten much of our food and consume nowadays.)

Due to the fact that of the special metabolic, physiological and hormonal effects, sugar is the brand-new tobacco. It is destructive to health, yet likewise safeguarded by effective lobbies. As populations end up being Westernised, urbanised and wealthy the quantity of sugar consumed increases,

Cultures with diet plans which contain significant fat, like the Inuit and the Maasai, experienced weight problems, high blood pressure and coronary illness only when they started to consume extreme quantities of sugar. Also, diabetes– essentially unidentified in China at the turn of the 20th century, and now endemic in 11.6% of the adult population, 

Sugar is addictive in the exact same method that drugs can be, composes Mr Taubes. The yearning appears to be hard-wired: infants naturally choose sugar water to plain.

In just 10 nations do individuals consume less than 25 grams of sugar a day.

Sugar hides in peanut butter, sauces, catsup, salad dressings, breads and more. Breakfast cereal, initially a wholegrain organic food, progressed into “breakfast sweet”– sugar-coated flakes and puffs hawked to kids by animation pitchmen like Tony the Tiger and Sugar Bear  . A 12-ounce carbonated beverage consists of about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Even cigarettes are laced with it. Bathing tobacco leaves in a sugar option produces less annoying smoke; it is much easier and more enjoyable to breathe in.

The case versus sugar is gaining traction. In October the World Health Organisation prompted all nations to enforce a tax on sweet beverages. Mexico had actually currently done so in 2013. In America cities consisting of Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco are doing the same. Britain will carry out a soft-drink levy in 2018.