Diabetes:Dealing with a Long Term Disease


Diabetes Burnout

Crawling out of the primordial sludge of diabetes burnout. www.sixuntilme.com.

In this video, Kerri Sparling, shares her struggles with Diabetes Burnout. Diabetes is unique in that it is a disease that is long term and is a disease that has to be dealt with on a daily basis without fail and without a break. No one is perfect and there wil be times despite your best efforts that your blood sugar numbers will not be ideal or that you will have complications due to your disease. You may feel guilty or a family member or friend may ask you what you did wrong? It is easy to get discouraged and to want to give up, not take your medication, abandon your healthy diet, etc. Being aware of the mental aspects of your disease is important. Remember you are dealing with a complicated disease and don’t beat yourself up or allow someone else to discourage you. Keep your sense of humor and realize they are not living with the disease and don’t understand what you are dealing with. Take care of yourself and get back on track.