Prediabeties defined

Welcome to the War On Diabetes Keeping It Simple Series. Today we answer the question, What is Prediabetes?
There’s that prefix – pre. How bad can it be? It’s not really diabetes.
That’s what I though when I was diagnosed with Prediabetes. A lot of folks who go on to get Type 2 Diabetes are first told they have Prediabetes. But do we listen? Not very often. I certainly didn’t.
I heard those urban legends about folks who had reversed Prediabetes. Every story involved long, sweaty workouts at the gym and those weren’t for me. And, those tofu diets. Just no. It was PRE-diabetes, after all.
So, what does it mean when you are diagnosed with Prediabetes? It’s a warning that if you don’t do anything, you are on the road to getting Type 2 Diabetes.
Okay, so you understand that Type 2 Diabetes usually follows Prediabetes. But, can you reverse Prediabetes, or delay the onset of full-blown Diabetes? The short, simple and true answer is YES.
First, how does your doctor know you have Prediabetes? You have been given an A1C blood test – they can determine through the magic of science how much sugar, aka glucose, has been in your blood during the last 60 to 90 days.
The results of this test generally fall between 4.0 and 13.0. Lower numbers are better. Up to 5.7, you’re good. 5.7 to 6.4 and diagnosed with Prediabetes. Above 6.5, and you have Type 2 Diabetes.
And, you are not alone. There are 86,000,000 people with Prediabetes in the United States. That’s the combined populations of Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and Arizona. Every man, woman and child.
It just takes two simple steps to reverse, or slow, Prediabetes. Two simple steps – Diet and Exercise.
The Diet should be heavy on fresh vegetables, some fresh fruit, whole grains and proteins. See the plate? Use it as a guide. The great thing is that it’s a diet you can live very well with.
You might need to lose a little weight. How much? A loss of even 10% of your body weight can make a huge difference not just in fighting Prediabetes.
I really didn’t even like the idea of exercise. So, I chose one that I knew I would do – and you need to do the same thing. Take a look at the list of exercises and activities. Find ones you will do and do them.
With a just a little adjustment here and there, you can either reverse or slow Prediabete. Either result is great. And, by the way, you might just enjoy the best health of your life! You can do it.
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