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Suddenly Diabetic is my personal effort to educate myself and others about diabetes prevention and control.  According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control in the United States, the number of people being diagnosed as diabetic has increased from 1980 (5.5 million) to 2014 (22 Million),a 400% increase,http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/pubs/statsreport14/national-diabetes-report-web.pdf According to the American Diabetes Association,over 1.4 Million People are diagnosed with Diabetes every year.

It is very important, particularly if you are at high risk for Diabetes due to a family history of the disease as I was to be tested by your Doctor and if determined to be pre-diabetic to take immediate action to lower your risk of developing diabetes, Type II or Type I.

Below I will tell you a little about my story and why I’ve decided that Suddenly Diabetic is my answer to help myself and others.

My Story


As stated in the above video ,suddenly being diagnosed as being pre-diabetic causes a lot of anxiety and confusion as you begin to research the disease and find sometimes conflicting information.   What does being Pre-diabetic mean?

Can I prevent advancing to Stage II and Stage I Diabetes?

What should I eat and drink?

What other actions should I be taking?

What about alcohol use?

What made me at risk for the disease?

What are the warning signs I missed?

Should I be taking some kind of medication?

You Are In Control

If you are reading this right now that is a good thing!  You obviously are trying to learn more and understand that YOU, not your Doctor or your spouse or anyone else, including me is responsible for your future health.

Your Doctor can diagnose your condition and can assist you with medication or insulin if needed.  YOU have to understand Diabetes, your risk factors and where you are at in the progression of the disease and actively manage your health making the key decisions on a daily basis of what you eat and drink, your level of physical activity, the amount of sleep you are getting and how you are dealing with stress.

As you will learn in future posts, others have struggled with and some have managed to even stop or delay the onset of diabetes II and diabetes I by actively managing their disease. My goal is to provide a resource to you so you along with your Doctor can manage your diabetes.

By providing information conveniently in one place and starting a community of people all in the same boat, so to speak, we can learn from one another and empower each other to educate ourselves about diabetes and to be victors not victims.

Welcome and feel free to comment and share this post with others you know.

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